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  • Frontend

    HTML4/5 CSS2/3 Javascript jQuery ReactJS SASS Gulp Grunt Browser Sync

  • Languages

    PHP Ruby Python Go NodeJS Nix Shell (Bash, ZSH)

  • DevOps

    MySQL Apache Git Nginx Hiawatha Ansible

  • Frameworks

    Symfony2 Silex Slim2/3

  • Methodolgies

    PSR (PHP Standard Recommendation) TDD (Test Driven Development) BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) DDD (Domain Driven Development) ADR (Action Domain Responder) BEM (Block Element Modifier) SOA (Service Orientated Architecture)

  • Tools

    editorconfig Composer Makefile Vagrant Docker PHP Storm IDE Sublime Text Visual Studio Code Vi(m) OS X Linux (Ubuntu | CentOS | Fedora | Solus Project) tmux Task Warrior