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Hi there, I’m Nigel, a developer, a husband, a father and fan of geeky stuff…

Whoami as a developer…

A full time web developer for 9 years, I have started with very little knowledge and since then have being lucky to grow my knowledge to a variety of coding languages and practice’s. I have a keen interest in Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Development, Behaviour Driven Development and having a mentor and professional like attitude both inside and outside of the workplace.

I believe of efficient coding, keeping to standards, exploring new technologies and helping others where I can.

Whoami as just me…

When not coding, you will find me spending time with my little family, listening to my music and trying to start on extending my vinyl/CD collection, shooting my camera and currently about to move into our first family home which needs a bit (a lot to be honest) of decorating.

…what about the site?

The site, well… originally built with Jekyll, a great tool for building static sites from (kinda) dynamic content whilst using Inuit.css for the CSS, which “is a Powerful, scalable, Sass-based, BEM, OOCSS framework and love of coding.

Since then I have re-written the site in Hugo, another static site generator but written in GoLang. This time I cheated and used a theme, the Cocoa Eh Theme. I’ve also changed text editor too, I now use Microsoft Visual Studio Code.