Thank you to all the people that have helped me
Jan 15, 2016
2 minutes read

Thank you

This is simply a thank you to people, who have got me to where I am today, and are part of the PHP, HTML, CSS and other communities.

It is basically a list that would take a fair few tweets to do, so I wanted it in one place.

So, thank you to all the people at PHP Warwickshire and PHP East Midlands as they were the people who have encouraged me to do talks and helped with my initial confidence and my general progression/sanity as a developer.

I also want to thank the following people for helping. Whether it was time spent over IRC/Slack/Twitter/Email or even just writing a blog post that I have read or doing a project that has helped me to extend my knowledge.

  • Matt Brunt
  • Luke Steadweb
  • Ben Plummer
  • Mike Preston
  • Stefan Koopmanschap
  • Anthony Ferrara
  • Phil Sturgeon
  • Sara Goleman
  • James Titcumb
  • Cal Evans
  • Stuart Herbert
  • Mark McDonnell
  • Josh Lockhart
  • Erika Heidi
  • Harry Roberts
  • Rob Allen
  • Andrew Smith
  • Jeremy Coates
  • Lorna Jane Mitchell
  • Ciaran McNulty
  • Mathias Verraes
  • Konstantin Kudryashov
  • David Walsh
  • Igor Wiedler
  • Andrea Faulds
  • The people at PHPSC15, PHPNW15 and Symfony Live 2015
  • All the people on, phpmentor and slimphp

I am looking forward to 2016 and hope to contribute back with talks and getting involved with more open source projects.

Again, thank you.

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