Hi there, I’m Nigel, a developer, a father and fan of geeky stuff…

A full time web developer for 14 years, I have started with very little knowledge and since then have being lucky to grow my knowledge to a variety of coding languages and practice’s. I have a keen interest in Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Development, Behaviour Driven Development and having a mentor and professional like attitude both inside and outside of the workplace.

I believe in efficient coding, keeping to standards, exploring new technologies and helping others where I can.

Mentoring is a core value to me, both in my professional, and personal life. It is something that works two ways for me where I get to share knowledge, as well as gain it from everyone around me.

When I’m not coding, you will find me spending time with my partner and daughter, listening to music and extending my vinyl/CD collection as well as getting outside with my camera and casual gaming.